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Front Exterior Prehung FiberGlass Door Frosted Glass / Manux 8102 Matte Black / 2 Side and Top Exterior Window / Office Commercial and Residential Doors Entrance Patio Garage-W12+30+12" x H80+14"-Right-hand Inswing

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SizeW54" x H94"
Color Black
Swing directionRight-hand Inswing
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Welcome to an experience where you not only order and buy plastic doors, but you become a part of our family. A family devoted to helping you adorn your sanctuary with a blend of style, elegance, and purpose.

Wrap your home in sleek sophistication

Imagine your home sporting a Matte Black door that blends seamlessly with your contemporary or traditional decor. Crafted from a distinctive Maetal-plastic blend, this door represents an impeccable balance of robust longevity and chic style.

More than a door...

It's not just a door, it’s a statement piece that announces the unique flavor of your persona even before one steps into your home. Appreciate not just the security it imparts, but also the appealing aesthetics it lends to your dwelling.

Fun is seeing the world through a frosted window

An innovative touch of Frosted glass steals the spotlight. Add a dash of mystery with the semi-opaque glass, that ensures your privacy while tantalising viewers with a cloudy glimpse of what lies inside.

Professional Touch Machining and Fine-Tuned Dimensions

A striking size of W54" x H94", moulded in single panel configuration, guarantees to be a perfect fit for the recommended opening of 62 1/2" x 96 1/2". The adept handling ensures that your door swings to the right with unruffled elegance, complementing the clean and balanced look.

Remember, your door is the first impression people gather about your home. So go ahead, buy exterior doors in Long Island, Texas, Miami, or New York, and let your front door be a silent yet powerful testimony to your classy elegance.

The perfect match for every climate

The sturdy Maetal-Plastic material withstands the changing weather patterns, ensuring your door looks as good as new, year after year. See the door take on sun, snow, and rain with unyielding ambition and emerge absolutely unscathed. Add to it, the maintenance is practically hassle-free.

Looking to make an inspired choice for your home? Step into our door shop in Long Island or take a tour online, for a cornucopia of stunningly designed doors. Welcome to a space where meticulous detailing meets craftsman-style grandeur.

With a door from our collection, you are not simply sprucing up your home, you are investing in a masterpiece that adds a lasting impression. Experience the veneration of a well-made door. Because after all, you deserve a home as unique as you are.