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Vdom Doors’s Products are designed and built to high industry standards and are warranted pursuant to the terms of this document. This warranty applies to doors purchased after September 16th, 2021 that are installed in residential homes in the United States. The residential warranty is granted only to the original purchaser of the product and the first owner of the residential home where the product was originally installed. The multi-resident warranty is granted only to the owner of the home or building in which the product has been installed at the time of installation(and its builder and contractor).

Subject to the exclusions and terms and conditions stated herein, Vdom Doors warrants that the products listed below (“Products”) will be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship from the original date of shipment by Vdom Doors until the end of the 2 year period since the purchase date.

Vdom Doors Prefinished Doors: Subject to the warranty exclusions listed below, Vdom Doors warrants its factory applied finishes (PPL, Enamel paint, Eco-veneer) against peeling, checking or cracking for one year from the date of shipment to the original purchaser. Vdom Doors Primer coats are not considered a finish and are not warranted nor are any finishes warranted that are applied by other parties. Vdom Doors does not warrant that any particular finish will adhere to its already prefinished surfaces such as Polypropylene, Enamel paint and Eco-Veneer.

This warranty is not transferable.


Improper installation, storage, care, handling or finishing including, without limitation, a failure to follow the instructions set forth below or as posted on Vdom Doors’ website from time to time.

Failure to properly maintain the door such as by using harsh chemicals on the surface.

Damage caused by sunlight, water, or extremes of heat and/or humidity.

Doors that are stored or installed in buildings that have wet plaster or cement or where HVAC systems are not operating and balanced. (conditions 25%-55%RH and 50°f to 90°f [10°C – 32°C])

Any damage to a door installed in any exterior application.

Any issue due to improper alteration of the door by other parties (such as hinge preparation or lock bores).

Damage caused by exposure to acid, chemicals or fumes.

Locksets, hardware or other components of a door system that are not provided by Vdom Doors.

Any finishes not factory applied by Vdom Doors (primer coating is not a finish).

Variations in color or texture in any pre-finish coating.

Normal wear and tear or natural weathering of surfaces.

Problems resulting from misuse and or abuse.

Slight expansion or contraction of door panels, jambs and slabs due to varying environmental conditions changes

is considered normal and not a defect.

Structural integrity issues caused by improper installation of hardware or improper sizing of door slab.

Damage or poor product performance resulting from the installation of product in a condition that exceeds product design standard or certified specs and or does not conform to applicable building standards.

Any warp, size or squareness within the tolerances specified below.


Size: Width, height and thickness +/- 1/8".

Squareness: +/- 1/8" measured corner to corner across the diagonal plane.

Warp: No more than 1/4" of warp as measured across the plane of the door in a section no greater than 42" x 96" in

a 1-3/5". For doors that are larger than 3-6 x 7-0 but no greater than 8-0 in height and 4-0 in width, the warp shall not exceed 1/4".



The instructions below are highlights of some of the

instructions for door installation. Other installation may accompany the doors or be posted on Vdom Doors's website

and should also be followed:

 Do not impair the structural strength of the door during installation, the application of hardware, or the cutting of

the door for lights, louvers, panels, or any other details.

 In fitting for width trim equally from both sides, the maximum

on each side is 1/8th of an inch for 1/4 inch overall trim. If the door has already been machined then trim from the hinge side and re- machine the hinge pockets.

 In fitting for height do not trim the top of the door.

Do not trim more than 1/4" off the bottom of the door unless accommodated by additional blocking.

 Vdom Doors suggests using two hinges on doors up to 80" in height, three hinges on doors up to 90" in height. Thread-to-head wood screws are recommended for fastening all hardware.

Pilot holes are strongly recommended prior to inserting

screws to avoid splitting.



The instructions below are highlights of certain storage, care and handling instructions. Other instructions may accompany the doors or be posted on Vdom Doors's website and should also be followed:

 When doors are received they must be inspected immediately for quality, including correct size, machining, species of veneer and finish (if factory finished).

 Buildings where humidity and temperature are controlled provide the best storage facilities (recommended conditions 25%-55%RH and 50°f to 90°f [10°C – 32°C])

 Warping and oil-canning may occur, depending on the season and relative humidity, until the doors become conditioned

to the humidity and temperature of the building.

 Deliver doors to the site after plaster, drywall or cement is dry to avoid excess moisture.

 Keep the doors away from direct sunlight and sources of extreme heat, cold or humidity.

 When storing door slabs, keep the doors stacked horizontally and fully supported on a level surface, do not lean the doors vertically against a wall or other structure. When stacking doors, keep the top door covered at all times with a cover sheet, plywood or cardboard.

 Vdom Doors ships certain doors with spacers between the doors. In order to prevent door distortion it is required that the packaging spacers remain until the door is hung.



If you detect a warranty issue, please promptly notify the person or company from whom you purchased the door or the home where the door was installed and provide the following information:

Description of the door and a photo of the defect;

Name and Address of the location of the door and, if installed, the builder and/or the installer;

Proof of Sale if you bought the door and, if not, the date you purchased the home or date it was installed;

Detailed explanation of the defect; and

Statement that the defect was not caused by any of the exceptions listed below.

Vdom Doors may defer action on any claims for warping for a period of up to 12 months from date of the claim to allow the door slab to adjust to local humidity and temperature conditions. This often remedies the issue.

Send all mentioned above information at



If a warranty issue is detected during the applicable warranty term, Vdom Doors, in its sole discretion, will repair the door

or provide a replacement door or will refund the original purchase price paid to Vdom Doors for the door. The remaining warranty term for any replaced or repaired door will run from the date of the original door warranty. Vdom Doors will not be liable for any labor, rehanging charges, finishes reapplying, painting/staining, any consequential damages or other costs under this warranty.


Vdom Doors maximum liability is limited to the amount of the original purchase price paid to Vdom Doors.

Vdom Doors is not obligated and this warranty does not cover the cost of labor, finishing, installation, delivery of any replacement door. This is a sole warranty granted to any party and there are no other warranties granted, express or implied including implied. Moreover, in no event will be liable for any consequential, special or incidental damages.

Your rights may vary based on the laws in your state or province. If your state or province does not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, the length of any implied warranty shall be one year or the shortest time in excess of one year permitted under the applicable law. Similarly, not allowing the exclusion of consequential, incidental or special damages, this limitation will not apply.



No representative of Vdom Doors or any of its dealers or distributors has authority to modify this warranty or assume for Vdom Doors any additional liability or responsibility in connection with this warranty.